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Salon App Development


The Digital era seeks innovations in every field. Everything seems to be swift with technological innovations. Now, you can book your salon appointment before visiting there. Raindrops Infotech offers thousands of users the comfort of booking their salon appointments. Salon owners can attract their visitors and customers by giving them this useful opportunity.
A Salon Barbershop looks forward to creating a captivating application to raise the salon business. A salon app is like a boon for their regular customer, especially if they want to avoid the mealtime rushes.

An efficient Barber Salon App Development Company

List of services

This section needs the complete services that you serve to your customers. You can also staple the details along with the names.


This special feature enables the salon owner to attract more clients. Some special deals and offers can turn your clients on for visiting the application and ultimately the salon. The application will notify them.

Hassle-free access

Since an app is accessible from any location with the internet, the customer can book their appointment before visiting the salon. This helps the salon owners to avoid the salon bustles and the employees can serve each client calmly.

Cashless transactions

A salon app enables cashless transactions. We build secure payment options by integrating the payment gateway. Your clients will be able to pay with their debit/credit cards and internet banking.

Calendar bookings

Clients can check for the services and look at their availabilities on the calendar. The application will give an apparent picture of specific services and booking on several days.


A salon owner can display several styles in their library that will easily comprehend the look. Clients can choose them while scrolling the libraries and try their different appearances.

Know the workflow of a Barber Salon App

Before you imagine anything for our Barber Salon App Development, here is the exact workflow of the application. We help you achieve better business in the industry. Your potential clients will easily get connected with the swift performance of your application –

Easy Login/Signup

Search Salons

Appointment Booking

Accept/Reject Request Booking

Easy Payment

Rating & Review

Signup and Login

Search Salons/Services

Pay effortlessly

Search Salons/Services


Check the acceptance and rejection of the bookings

Rate and Review

In the registration process, your clients need to enter an email ID or mobile number. On the other hand, users can also get direct access to the salon app by using their social media accounts.


An On-demand Barber Salon App Development service includes some user-friendly features. Users can have direct access to several services. The discounts and deals can be enjoyed well with all the user-friendly features. One can book the salon services as per own convenience and availability –

Selection of salon service

Your salon app will exhibit the catalog of available services from where the users can choose the required salon service. The treatments can be booked efficiently.

Easy bookings

Users can enjoy a hassle-free booking system. They can book the appointments by using the salon app.

Don’t forget:

Once a user books an appointment to a specific salon service, he or she can track their bookings. From the time slots to the preferred branch, there are many more things to check for upcoming dates.

No worries

Though the app will contain each subtle detail to be accessed by the user, anyone can ask for prompt help. The users can ensure their bookings and appointments without any confusion.


Salon owners can plan events, discounts, and offers. Additionally, new services can be also added to the salon. The notification feature enables the owners to notify their regular customers immediately.


Users can rate the services of your salon and also write positive reviews for the services they receive. Their opinions about your salon can increase your client base.


The Professional Barber Salon App

The easy-to-use features enable the users to access the various services of the salon. The app is designed brilliantly to provide all the required facilities to the users. On the other hand, the salon owner can also enjoy easy access to their application. The salon service provider can keep a track of booked services and manage the service requests by keeping several aspects in mind. The application also helps in calculation the earnings and accomplishing the other required tasks –

Catalogue Management

The experts can raise the professional approach of salon services by keeping the catalog updated with new services and pictures.

Customer Requests Management

A salon can professionally accept or decline the requests, sent by the users. This entirely depends upon the availability of service whether the salon owner wants to provide it or not.

Rate Card Management

Every service includes some cost to be charged by the customers. The rate card may include the services along with their rates that a user can access anytime.

Upcoming Bookings

In this section, the experts can view the upcoming bookings of specific services. This further helps them to plan accordingly.

Invoice and payments

This is one of the most useful features of salon application where the expert can view the payment history and calculate the earnings accordingly.

Availability Management

Since the motive of the barber salon app is to keep the user updated and informed, there must be no communication gap. If some services can not be offered during that specific period, this should be conveyed to the users apparently.

The Features on Admin Panel

Admin panel centralizes the overall activities of the application. Each business operation can be performed well by the admin login. Salon experts can check all the business operations. This feature is enriched with advanced technology and the most appropriate tools. Each feature of the admin panel is worth ensuring better business growth –

Experts Management

Every professional can join the platform and enjoy the relevant client. Admin has the authority to keep an eye on their activities. Admin can accept, reject or even delete any salon professional from a platform if any doubt occurs.

Customer Management

Since the Admin has access to each detail of the application, the admin panel also entails the right to view and manage the clients. If the customer’s details are not up to the mark or lack to fulfill the requirements, the account can be suspended by the panel’s end.

History Management

An Admin can view the booking history and look for the services booked by the clients. Additionally, this feature will also allow the admin to have a check for paid, canceled, and unpaid bookings.

Feedback Review

The service provider or clients can share their feedbacks. Admin can not only view the feedbacks but also work upon those to enhance customer experience.

Push Notification

Admin has access to this essential feature. The essential features can be notified to the clients with push notification. The essential features can be notified to the potential clients.

Flash offers

A salon or professional may come up with special offers on occasions. Flashing the special offers can attract the clients and propel them to book. wedding or festive occasions may turn beneficial for salon owners.


What We Deliver

On-demand barber salon app development is all about ensuring swift experience to both professionals and clients. The strategic approach of designing helps to put everything aligned. From the services, bookings, availabilities to charges, everything is showcased perfectly in the barber salon app –

Customized On-Demand Apps with Personalized Variations

We provide a Salon app of astounding quality and on-demand solutions. When we talk about on-demand applications, it should be feature-rich and convincing. We ensure the technical aspects of the applications. Additionally, if you have any ideas to share or to impose on the final application, we consider them at our utmost priority.


Why Choose Us

Raindrops Infotech owns a team of professionals, who are experienced in developing various attractive apps. Our applications are SEO-friendly, interactive, and engaging. House cleaning app can set a trend for the next-gen applications. The applications are responsive and well-performing.


Quality of

We believe in delivering quality work. The developers are creating an online brand of your salon by creating a virtual identity.



Our result-oriented approach helps us to find the best solutions. We create digital solutions for our clients where they can lean upon to raise their business.



Our firm determination towards app developments leads us to success. We are punctual to our decision and deliveries. Each service has a timeframe and we adhere to that.



From customization, implementation, integration, migration, to branding, we provide end-to-end solutions to our clients to create a feature-rich application.

Payment Gateway

Various online payment modes are available for Barber Salon Apps. We can add any of the payment gateways from PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, and many more. Once you hire an app development service, you must choose a payment gateway to associate with. We create secure payment gateways to ensure a safe environment for cashless transactions.

Google Pay


Phone Pay



Pay u




Senang Pay

Pay Fort


Pay Box



Flutter Wave

The Add-ons of Salon App

An elegant salon app can have many intuitive add-on features to attract clients. Additional features add more value to your application that helps to attract more and more customers, iOS and Android users.


This feature allows the application to track your location and suggest the salon accordingly. Your path will be located to help you in the selection of the nearest salon.

Dynamic Invoicing System

Cashless transactions are appreciated these days. In this way, adding different payment options can increase the worth of your application as many clients will find their most-suited option.


Once the appointments are fixed, the app can automatically remind the user about the bookings. This will help the salon owner to retain the customer.


The application can show different rate charts for the respective service. This helps the user to choose and book the appointments without losing extra money.



Once the entire selection is done, your appointment remains just one tap away. The appointment can be managed and tracked well by the clients.


Reviews and

Customers can not only review but also rate the particular service, offered by a salon. Apps are providing a way to convey satisfaction.

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