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App like TikTok

App like TikTok

Don’t you think TikTok is an exciting app? It is an ultimate video dubbing and sharing app where every action is possible with a single tap. Raindrops Infotech can help you to get a similar app with customized features.

An app like TikTok and Dubsmash

Having an account on a social video app is a craze these days. Smartphones are opening new ways of entertainment. TikTok and Dubsmash have great popularity among smartphone users with all the cutting-edge features. You can have a similar app and we will help you to make it popular with the same features.

Get highly customized applications like Dubsmash

Byte Dance is coming with two ultimate applications, namely TikTok and Dubsmash. TikTok is a video-sharing app whereas Dubsmash is social networking and video selfie app. It attracts millions of users and viewers.
The success of both apps is not achieved overnight. Several features and technological ideas have given wings to these applications. We will infuse the best features to ensure the success of your application like TikTok and Dubsmash.

Why you must choose an app to create like TikTok and Dubsmash?

Complete customization

The application includes easy-to-customize video sharing scripts to ensure its compatibility with audio and video dubbing. The live streaming of these things is also available in the apps.

In-app purchase

We have integrated the in-app purchase option that further enables you to charge a small amount from the user if he or she wants to open (or use) any additional feature other than the basic ones.

Experienced Developers

We own a team of highly experienced developers, who have created brilliant applications with ultimate features.

Strong security

We deploy the robust script with the SSL-powered API to ensure success with the strongly secured background.

Multi-language and multi-currency

We have tailored the application development on the basis of your location. The language and currency can be changed and we ensure that the app does it perfectly.

Scalable design

We create a TikTok-like app that is not only SEO-friendly but also highly scalable to provide you with a flawless experience of the application.

The Features of Dubsmash or TikTok-like applications


Users can signup and register themselves in the application with their names, email IDs, contact details, and other required credentials.

Profile Management

Users can modify their profiles by managing several details including name, number, images, and many others.

Privacy Settings

There are many setting options to ensure your privacy in the applications. Thus, you can manage your audio and videos in terms of viewers.

Video creation

You can make new videos and sync them with audio files in the TikTok-like applications. These activities can be shared directly on the platform.

Post the video

Once the video is created and edited with tools, you can post is it with hashtags, location, and a short description of your choice.

Discover videos

Users can search their desired video among the unlimited number of videos. The searching option is available where you can search through a particular word or hashtag.

Filter videos

You can also add available filters while posting the video content in your profile. The visual effects will engage the viewers.

Watch videos

TikTok-like applications attract the viewers also who come to applications for watching the videos. They can also add a comment to the videos.

Push notification

Push notification is an in-app alert that notifies the users of popular videos.

View profile

Since every user needs to create a profile to access the application, viewers can look into their profiles with one tap.

My favorite sounds

The application allows the uses to save and use the audios in their videos that can help them in getting the viewers’ attention.

Like posts

TikTok-like applications are often similar to social media platforms where people can like the posts in one click.

Group chatting

Sending messages in a group is now possible with the TikTok-like app. This will keep them engaged and informed. One message can be viewed by many other members of the group.

Sidestep Jargon

The feature stands for clear communication and that is the reason why we are much focused on this.

Audio selection

Audio selection and collection can be referred to as songs, a user saves to use in the video. This collection can also have segments of songs and the custom track.

Video selfie and dubbing

Users can share their video selfie and dubbing performances by uploading them on the application. Their creativity matters a lot in attracting viewers.
profile screen33

Keep Trending with the Features

Audio Selection

You can choose and upload the audio to the video as per your selection.

Voice Over and Video

Users can dub their voices to upload with the video they post. This can be done by recording that on phone.

Filters and Stickers

You can use special stickers, filters, and texts to create more connections with the video content you are sharing.

Channel Creation

Users can create their own channel and customize that as per their willingness.

News Feed

Users can scroll and view the videos and share content from the various profiles and pages they follow. Multimedia Sharing: Users can share content from not only their profiles but also the profile they are following. Individual and Group Chats: Chatrooms add more proficiency to your performance where a user can chat with individuals and groups, and share the contents.

Duet Performance

Users can collaborate with other and record their performances as personalized duet video.

Setting and Privacy

Along with several other setting options, privacy setting becomes a prominent feature to create a secure profile.

Admin Panel Feature for Dubsmash and TikTok-like Application


Users can signup and register themselves in the application with their names, email IDs, contact details, and other required credentials.

Profile Management

Users can modify their profiles by managing several details including name, number, images, and many others.

Push Notification

Admin can use the Push Notification feature to inform the user of the latest news and updates.

Post Management

Admin can manage the posts to ensure the authenticity of the application. Any objectionable material can be removed easily.

User Management

Admin can view, monitor, and analyze the users and their actions like comments and shares, etc. This further allows having control over them and their activities.

Comments Management

It is quite easy for the Admin to delete or remove the posts from commenting. This is to prevent offensive comments made by the users.

Reported Users Management

Admin can keep an eye on the user’s account if any complaint is made or received.

Why you should have a TikTok-like App

Why Choose Us

Raindrops Infotech owns a team of professionals, who are experienced in developing various attractive apps. Our applications are SEO-friendly, interactive, and engaging. House cleaning app can set a trend for the next-gen applications. The applications are responsive and well-performing.


Quality of

We believe in delivering quality work. The developers are creating an online brand of your salon by creating a virtual identity.



Our result-oriented approach helps us to find the best solutions. We create digital solutions for our clients where they can lean upon to raise their business.



Our firm determination towards app developments leads us to success. We are punctual to our decision and deliveries. Each service has a timeframe and we adhere to that.



From customization, implementation, integration, migration, to branding, we provide end-to-end solutions to our clients to create a feature-rich application.

Payment Gateway Offered

We ensure not only swift performance of ordering the food online but also the secure ambiance of payment. Multiple payment options are available to ensure a safe cashless transaction.

Google Pay


Phone Pay



Pay u




Senang Pay

Pay Fort


Pay Box



Flutter Wave

Our approach to building a Dubsmash and TikTok like app

Analyze Audience

From the client’s requirements to the audience’s preference, here the app development for the TikTok app begins.


We show a prototype to the clients before proceeding to the original product. The prototype includes a tableau of features.


A user-friendly UI helps an application to grow effectively, especially for TikTok like user-based application.


Our agile development model leads the application development to a successful final product.



The testing phase ensures that the application is running perfectly from every perspective.



We ensure the performance of the application first. After making it completely bug-free, we deploy the final product in the market.

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