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Top Mobile App Development In Malaysia

Mobile App Development In Malaysia

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Time to shift your business to a smarter digital space

We offer a comprehensive cycle of architecture, deployment, and maintenance services for applications. The strategic considerations of the entire mobile app development chain from design and design to distribution and continued service, whether it is a consumer-oriented app or a groundbreaking enterprise-class approach.
At RainDrop Infotech, we deliver a platter of unique and productive mobile app development services in Malaysia for which you can then use agile and flexible applications consistent with Android, iOS with glossy AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). Keeping up with the current technological developments, we have the latest tools to guarantee that the app improves market scores and that is what makes us a top app development companies in Malaysia.
Smartphones are amongst the monumental launches or endowments of the hardware used by individuals for their distinctive outlines. Raindrops Info tech is one of the Mobile App Development Companies’ top industry leaders, offering mobility options on all platforms, particularly Native App Development (Android & iOS) and Hybrid App Development, for a broad subject of companies who want to increase their ROI by chartbuster mobile apps. RainDrop Infotech is backed by a pool of creative geeks who are continuously researching and upgrading themselves with the new technological developments and resources to create a comprehensive first-time smartphone experience.

Hire Us Your Mobile App Development Partner

In the name of something special, something innovative and something modern, we give an advantage over our rivals. Our mobile applications shine with exclusive APIs and a bucket load of protection and privacy protocols in place, keeping these three in consideration. With good quality UX and UI in place regardless of the platform, we add several turn-key functionalities to mobile applications. AR/VR is a smartphone device trend that we are mastering.
With devoted programming languages, RainDrop Infotech make absolutely sure that the performance quotient is strong. In addition, prior to release, all hardware and device disruptions are resolved, and the programs are thus error-free.’

Mobile App Development Services-

Native App Development

RainDrop Infotech is the leading mobile application development company in Malaysia is offering full-cycle development of stable, flexible, and feature-packed native mobile apps renowned for their maximum efficiency and additional features.

Android Development

The world’s largest smartphone OS presents numerous resources, but because of the abundance of hardware, it still faces particular challenges. Senior developers will mitigate the challenge presented by UI while leveraging the current developments to promote the production of applications, no matter what level of development. We are among the few mobile app development ageny in Malaysia offering the unrivaled services.

iOS Development

Running on iOS provides the opportunity to work with specific potential in each region through three key devices-iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. In the App Store, RainDrop Infotech cracked the top 10 and served in all sectors, including gaming, fintech, enterprise software, and more.


Bypassing native growth can dramatically improve launch time, but it takes top individuals to do it correctly. In order to retain and please consumers, mitigating the effect on UX is key. If achieved efficiently, developers can leverage the resources of native platforms entirely while communicating business logic through them as well.
Being one of the most reputed mobile app development agencies in the USA, it is our duty to assist businesses to extend their market and customer scope through the successful incorporation of mobile applications into their business strategy. With daily assistance, we assist businesses from app creation to launch and beyond.

Progressive Web App Development

Create Progressive Web Apps that incorporate the best technical technologies found in smartphone and web applications that are useful to your company in terms of ease of creation and deployment, as well as a variety of other benefits. To discuss: Speak to our experts.
With a reputation of 97 percent + customer retention rate, we are India’s most trusted mobile application development firm. We have developed thousands of popular smartphone apps for our clients scattered around the globe since our founding. In the market for our on-time quality, accountability, and ethical practices, we are recognized. Because of the following special selling ideas, we are counted among the leading mobile app development firms in Malaysia.
RainDrop Infotech partner with you to consider your company needs, recognize processes that can be simplified, describe the customer interface, and develop a plan for application implementation that aligns with your priorities. Our product team takes the ideas and transforms them with high ROI and retention rates into high-output applications. To add consumerization to the IT, we use user analysis, user testing, and design thinking.
Testing best practices for smartphone applications eliminates security risks, checks possible bugs, and includes data encryption. With all the steps we take, you should be assured that there will still be healthy smartphone applications.

How we do it


Our team of experienced mobile app developers takes things one step at a time when it comes to creating outstanding mobile applications! We know what it takes to turn your vision into action and invest a substantial amount of effort into the process of ideation.

Planning And Design

When it comes to creating a special and responsive user interface, our talented smartphone app developers placed their imagination to use. For all your mobile app production and design-related problems, they’re ready with answers!


A fair bit of work that hits the eye goes into creating a smartphone application! We have such a squad of talented smartphone developers to make sure the final application will be as excellent as the team itself. We offer the most comprehensive mobile app development services in Malaysia for our each client.

It’s Showtime!

If the mobile app is already developed, to guarantee it is released as a product, not an idea, we put this through the requisite module testing. Your mobile device is ready to run when the glitches have been worked out!
Our performance and work already put us in the top division of the best mobile app development companies in the United States. In order to write your company’s success story, we cover a wide variety of first-rate corporate mobility technologies and are specialists in delivering the best mobile app development services in Malaysia.
Experience (of our mobile app developers) combined with innovative art is the secret behind creating a mobile device. What’s the outcome? We are working to provide the company with the best smartphone experience. The responsibility for your success is our reputation for having world-class smartphone app solutions.
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