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Zomato Clone App

Zomato Clone App

An app can raise the Food Delivery Business

The food delivery business is growing rapidly with technological advancement. People are looking for comfort in every aspect. When they get something online, they find it better. They prefer requesting food online rather than visiting restaurants. This gives them ultimate convenience and flexibility. A completely customized food delivery app contributes to your business growth by tempting more and more clients.

Know Zomato App Platform

From easy logins to flexible payment options, the Zomato App Platform is giving awesome opportunities to the gourmand. Zomato App includes ultimate features to grab the attention of customers. The app exhibits mouth-watering HD pictures to generate appeal and this further helps to get orders from clients.

Why you must have a Zomato Clone App?

Similar to many other businesses, the food delivery business is also transforming the meaning with the help of technological innovations. It is evolving every day and the trawl is increasing day by day. Zomato clone app development services are hitting the market and clinching more customers for you. Cafes and restaurants can be listed in the app along with their specialization of servings.
Raindrops Infotech design such Zomato Clone App for deploying into multiple App Stores. We will consult you with the experts to generate more profits for your food business. We will leverage your performance with our expertise for an effective end product. Even startups can join the online food delivery platform to get a kickstart.

List of Restaurants

The app includes a long list of restaurants. Users can browse through this and find their best taste. The selection criteria depend upon various factors like location, mood, and cuisine, etc.

Multi-Language Option

The app is able to serve in multiple languages that further increase the reach. The Eat24 app serves in diverse languages on the basis of preferences and locations.

Payment Options

Though one can make cash payments at the time of food delivery, Eat 24 offers multiple payment options to its users. A user can make payments by using debit/credit cards and UPI. Each payment option is secure and reliable.

Tracking the order

The real-time accessibility of features enables the users to track their orders. This is also known as state-of-the-art technology that helps to get the accurate estimation of orders.

What Zomato has to offer?

Scope of Food Delivery Industry

The Food Delivery Industry is seeing rapid growth. People are gradually learning technology and utilizing their efforts to get the best comfort. Since the intervention of technology, Food idustry has changed the track of eating. New advantages and perks are added everyday. It seems it can grow up to $182,327million by 2024.

What our Zomato Clone App offers

We believe in delivering the best Zomato Clone Script at economical rates. Every entrepreneur aims to set high standards. They want to defy their rivals and set global benchmarks for their customers. We have drafted unique outsourcing app development services to get all done for satisfying our clients (or eatery entrepreneurs) –


We develop white-label solutions for our clients. Thus, all you need is to enroll yourself along with your company’s name and logo. You can make your page more appealing by adding several customized details into the same.



We understand the accessibility of the Food delivery app. Clients can access it anytime during the day. Thus, you may need support anytime for some impromptu solutions. We are available to serve you 24X7. If any app-rated issue occurs, you can immediately contact us to solve that.



We have developed a result-driven approach to deliver the high-end product. In this way, we create a timeframe to complete the task within. Our unique approach helps to deal with sudden issues. Our Zomato clone script development service is all about quick and efficient delivery.


and Assistance

We don’t limit our Zomato Clone development service till delivery only. Our dedicated team members (or developers) also offer assistance to the various clients, where you can ask post-delivery queries. From general to technical issues, our developers will serve you with their best possible efforts.

The workflow of the Zomato Clone App

Since we pour our best efforts into each project requirement, we ensure the best workflow for Zomato Clone App as well. We infuse the various robust features to the application through its source code. Our potent algorithm guides us to form the best features for the application for everyone including a restaurant owner, users, and delivery person. Here is how the Zomato clone app works –

Easy Login/Signup

Search Salons

Appointment Booking

Accept/Reject Request Booking

Easy Payment

Rating & Review

Signup and Login

Select the relish

Explore the payment options

Grab the food

Search for the taste


Place the order

Confirm the dish

To signup, clients may either use an email address or contact number. Once you enter any of these two, an OTP will be generated. The users are expected to enter that OTP to signup through their various social media presences.


Since customers are the main revenue source, we develop Zomato Clone App by keeping them in the center. The app revolves around the customers and their comforts. The user panel must be feature-rich and appealing. Everything, somehow, depends upon the customers (or users). Therefore, the app must attract them first and accommodate well to use –

Customer Login

The connectivity of the application is available through Facebook, Twitter and Gmail id, etc. The users can enter any of these detail to get the OTP for their further login procedures. Additionally, they can also connect themselves by adding their contact numbers into the same.

Peeping into the items

After completing the signup process, people start searching for their preferred item. They love to search their requirements through the search button instead of making a random selection. They can enter a particular item name and peep into the various relevant things with that.

Search nearby locations

Location matters a lot in a Zomato clone app. People often prefer ordering food from their nearby located restaurants and cafes. The app enables the users to track the nearby restaurants and get the delivery as soon as possible.

Live order track

The customers can track their order after placing to know how long they should wait for having the food in hand. This live order tracking facility is available within the application where customer can keep their eyes to see the movements of their ordered food.

Restaurant profile

A new customer visits a restaurant only if he or she has some good image of the same, especially the foodie ones. Therefore, it becomes really important to draft a good restaurant profile to attract more and more customers. From menu, timings, and reviews to HD pictures, the features help to generate an appealing restaurant profile.

Variety of payment options

The Zomato Clone App offers various payment options or wallet. Users can choose among various payment options, including in-app wallet or debit/credit cards. Each way is secure to keep your transaction safe.
feature_img (1)
feature_img (1)

Restaurant App Panel

We ensure that the restaurant owner enjoys the complete performance of the Zomato clone app. The essential features are embedded into the restaurant app panel to ensure that every function works properly. It further helps them in managing the entire process, from getting an order to delivering it effortlessly. The seamless integration of various services enhances the worth of the Zomato clone app –

Profile Management

An appealing restaurant profile is important to attract more clients. Restaurants can keep updating their profiles by adding and removing the dishes from their menu. They can also change the rates and pictures shown in the menu.

Food Delivery Request

When a restaurant receives a food request from one user, the restaurant panel showcases the feature of accepting and rejecting the same. The panel allows restaurants to accept or decline the food requests as per their availabilities.

Push Notification

Restaurants can keep their users informed with a push notification feature. Order acceptance, rejection, and out for delivery, etc are a few prominent notifications that keep the user engaged and propels them for placing more orders.

Order Management

A restaurant panel enables order management, where the restaurant can check the received orders and take actions accordingly. From request arrival to product delivery, restaurants can prepare the proper schedule of everything.


The acceptance or rejection of any order depends upon restaurants’ availability, concerning various factors. The list of possible factors includes chefs, ingredients, and distance. The restaurant can consider whether they can avail the requested dish or not.

Delivery Person App Features

To banish the complications of delivery, we create a separate login for the delivery person who will carry the order from restaurant to user. These people are usually less tech-savvy and therefore, this log-in is designed in quite a comprehensive way. These Zomato clone app source codes include user-friendly features to be accessed effectively –

Flexible Login Hours

A delivery person can log in anytime to get the task. Once they will mark their availabilities, they can enjoy the job at their convenience.


If the delivery person is not friendly with GPS, the geo-location feature helps them to find the shortcuts of the route. This further enables them to deliver the order quickly.

Profile Management

A detailed profile is necessary for assigning the job. The delivery person is required to fill all the required information in the designed form there, like name, contact details, photo, identity proof, and much other information.

Call to customer

A call to the target customer stays just one touch away from the delivery person. This further helps the delivery person in reaching them at an exact location with the given directions.

Chat System

If a call is not preferred by the delivery person or user, the chat system is also there in the Zomato clone app. Restaurant owners and users can chat with the delivery person whenever required.

Order List

Keeping every order in the memory is not practically possible. The order list will be displayed in the application form where the person can see the upcoming and rejected food orders.
feature_img (1)
feature_img (1)

Admin Panel Features

The admin dashboard includes some precise details to peep into the day-to-day activities. Admin is authorized to take actions within an app with the ultimate features. It saves lots of time and efforts to regulate the tasks, effortlessly –

Acceptance or rejection

This is for protecting the overall business where the admin has the authority to accept or reject the requests from partners. This prevents fake partnerships that may cause more loss in the future. Approval or disapproval depends upon the details one fills in while making an account (or profile).

Admin Dashboard

An Admin dashboard is brimming with ultimate features from where the admin can view, monitor, and manage several activities. Adding, deleting, and editing the business-related details are a few of its common jobs. The responsibilities can also be offered to the various sub-admin.

Manage the restaurants

Since Admin can view different restaurants, cafes, and pubs, it can also manage their various details. Admin panel can get to know which dish is high in demand or which restaurant is preferable for a specific genre of people. This further helps them to act accordingly in terms of sorting or advertising.

Manage the clients

When a customer does signup through his or her details, the admin has the right to check whether it is correct or not. If any malicious activity is found, the admin can completely delete or block the user’s account.

Manage delivery boys

The idea is to create a pure authentic ambiance in the food delivery app. This dashboard enables the admin to check the delivery person’s account whether every detail is filled correctly or not. Additionally, the admin can also view the received feedbacks here to ensure the performance of a delivery person.

Order management

A Zomato clone app is a trawl of food orders. Admin manages them and ensures that everything goes with the flow. Admin can view the acceptance, rejection, and completion of orders.

Zomato Clone Script Package

Raindrops Infotech delivers supreme quality Zomato Clone App Development Services to clients. The packages are designed in a way so that everyone can enjoy the technological advancements without any loopholes –

Custom Specific Variations of Zomato like App

We create industry-specific services. As far as food concerns, we keep the industry in mind while developing Zomato Clone App. We listen to your ideas and then pour our efforts to turn them into virtual as well as aromatic reality. We understand the specific business needs and the related people to deliver the best solution.


Why Choose Us

Raindrops Infotech owns a team of professionals, who are experienced in developing various attractive apps. Our applications are SEO-friendly, interactive, and engaging. House cleaning app can set a trend for the next-gen applications. The applications are responsive and well-performing.


Quality of

We believe in delivering quality work. The developers are creating an online brand of your salon by creating a virtual identity.



Our result-oriented approach helps us to find the best solutions. We create digital solutions for our clients where they can lean upon to raise their business.



Our firm determination towards app developments leads us to success. We are punctual to our decision and deliveries. Each service has a timeframe and we adhere to that.



From customization, implementation, integration, migration, to branding, we provide end-to-end solutions to our clients to create a feature-rich application.

Payment Gateway Offered

We ensure not only swift performance of ordering the food online but also the secure ambiance of payment. Multiple payment options are available to ensure a safe cashless transaction.

Google Pay


Phone Pay



Pay u




Senang Pay

Pay Fort


Pay Box



Flutter Wave

Additional Features for Zomato Clone App

Zomato Clone App may have several features to ensure a satisfying experience for restaurants, users, and delivery people. Raindrops Infotech adds many more extra features to mark to different from your rivals. You can lead the industry and make your name in the market with your food delivery app clone and its ultimate additional features –


Offering loyalty points to each order can increase clients’ interest to order more and more. They will continue to order more food to redeem their loyalty points.


If the user finds some amount in the wallet, the payment process becomes faster. This ultimately motivates them to order food to utilize the wallet amount.

Social Media Integration

There is a huge population that prefers social media accounts to explore in the digital world. Social media integration allows them to access the application. This further gives a platform to review the updates and share feedback.

Discounts and offers

Everyone likes discounts and offers. The attractive deals can be offered to the users to attract them and compel them to place orders.


Multiple delivery addresses

If a client wants to receive some food at different locations at the same time, this feature helps to make it in a hassle-free way.



When an application serves in different languages, it automatically attracts people from different backgrounds.

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