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How Much Does It Cost to Build an Employee Self-Service Portal?

How Much Does It Cost to Build an Employee Self-Service Portal?

An HR Self-Service Portal is a feature of HR software that enables manager or employee self-service through a web page or dashboard. Employers use it as a dashboard to track employee information for new hires, benefits enrollments, and payroll processing. It is a standard part of HR software offering an all-in-one view. The best type of HR portal also allows employees to access their own data.
For example, instead of asking your employees to call you to find out how much paid time off (PTO) they have left or to get copies of their pay stubs, a self-service HR portal for employees can show this information. Directly to the employee. It uses security settings to provide only the information that you want an employee to see.
For example, you might want employees to be able to view and update forms, register for benefits, and download year-end W-2 or 1099 tax documents. You may want managers to see a list of their subordinate employees; times worked, and time-off requests, but don’t let them see benefits, enrolment documents or beneficiary information. A self-service HR portal for employees can make it easier for employees and their managers.
What is employee self-service for?
A hr portal is right for any company that desires to save lots of time by giving its managers and staff access to worker information, whereas limiting access to confidential information. Any growing business can benefit from bringing HR and employee payroll data online, where employees and managers can access it.
Here are some common business examples that illustrate the usefulness of an HR portal:
Providing an HR portal is fast becoming an industry best practice. HR software package that has an associate unit of time portal feature can begin as low as $1 per month with vendors like Zoho people providing limited practicality. With an HR portal in place, employees no longer have to contact you directly to find out if they can take time off, reprint a benefits card, or ask you to add a new baby to their health insurance plan.
HR Self-Service Portal Costs
HR portals range from $1 per month, per employee for basic employee information and leave tracking to over $15 per month, per employee for advanced features such as benefits registration, training, and performance management. Worker self-service portals that manage payroll are between $5-6 per month, per worker and often include self-service onboarding and hr data for that price.
Employee Self-service Software

Web portal development company provides hr software that has an HR portal feature that can start as low as $1 per month with vendors like Zoho People offering limited functionality. If you want hr, benefits, and payroll, you’ll pay additional for a seller-like enjoyment that prices $39 per month and a $6 per month worker fee. Larger payroll vendors like Paychex and ADP additionally offer these worker self-service options, however, may cost twice the maximum amount.

Costs of setting up an HR portal
Most Software as a Service doesn’t charge an installation fee, but some vendors like Namely, Paycor and adp do. Installation fees tend to cost $500 and up, depending on the vendor. Some may be willing to reduce or waive installation fees if you accept a long-term contract.
Consultation fees for an HR portal
The advice is optional and depends mainly on your level of HR expertise. If you don’t have an HR manager on your staff, you might want to pay an HR consultant to help you set up your HR software portal, including setting up security roles for you. It can cost $125 to $200 an hour for four hours or more, depending on the size of your business.

Are you Looking to Build Custom web Portal?

Train your employees to use self-service tools
Another cost that is easy to overlook is training. At a minimum, you will need to provide your employees with a login ID and instructions However, to make the foremost you get the most out of your hr portal, it’s best to supply An introductory training session to show workers a way to log in and access their data. The only actual cost is your time and the cost of your employees’ time off.
For most portals, a 30-60 minute training session should be sufficient and will pay off by increasing the likelihood that your employees will reference the portal before contacting you with questions.
In fact, if you consider what it would cost to hire a full-time HR staff member over $ 50,000 per year, using an HR portal is a smart choice for a small business. Your time is precious, and every time you’re interrupted to answer an employee’s HR question, it’s wasting time you could devote to growing your business. Time is money; thus an HR portal is an investment that saves you time.
Creation of custom web portal development
Web portal development is a point and click exercise and easy to create by technical and non technical users. It all starts by clicking the New Portal button in the easy-to-use Applications Platform wizard. Common web portals created using the Application Platform include HR Portal.

Considering the above costs, a simple and basic web portal development will cost you around $ 8000-8000+ depending on the quality and functionality of the portal. However, if you want to go for an exceptional design or have an original idea, this price can exceed that amount.


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