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Flutter mobile app: why use Flutter for mobile app development

Flutter mobile app: why use Flutter for mobile app development

Flutter is great for mobile app development and various reasons are here to stand with this statement. Flutter programming saves time and money both. A flutter app development includes the programming concepts like loops and variables etc. It offers an escape with the native app development where you would need to hire two different teams for Android and iOS apps.

Meet Flutter

Google presents a UI toolkit for mobile app development company and that toolkit is known as ‘Flutter’. Flutter app development services offer a wide range of incredible solutions to app owners. Here, you can utilize a single code base for different operating systems. Hire Flutter Developer is an open-source and free platform that can work with the existing code.

Flutter has brought the evolution in the mobile app development industry, where the app development companies with working with two teams for different platform-specific technologies. Flutter makes things easier and more comprehensive with the numerous advantages and innovations.

A flutter mobile app is responsible for building attractive apps in record time and that app should be able to cover both Android and iOS platforms. Flutter is known as one of the best cross-platform frameworks. It is a Google-maintained SDK and owns ultimate popularity. Flutter and Flutter app Development Company have replaced the traditional mobile application architecture. Flutter solutions are incredible for developers and entrepreneurs as well. Additionally, developers can also create web apps for browsers using the same codebase. Flutter has made things easier and here you will know much more about it.

The basics of Flutter
The high-performing applications are the need of today’s market. People get attracted to these apps and further to the services (or products). In this way, mobile app development has become much more productive for providing the best solutions to business owners. This is high time to vanish all your worries related to mobile applications. Flutter came into existence in May 2017 and since then, it has been gaining a rise in its prominence. It is perfectly written and crafted coding using Dart, C, and C++.

Though several frameworks were built to create the hybrid / cross-platform applications, Flutter has uniqueness. It is the only framework that offers a responsive style without using the JavaScript Bridge. This creates perfection in the applications and gives tough competition to all the rivals. Flutter gets easily integrated with different platforms like iOS, Android, MAC, Windows, etc. An efficient Flutter app Development Company creates a spectacular User Interface for the flutter applications that gives a native-like feel.

What propels to pick Flutter?

Whatever people say, never believe, until you see the things in your hand. Raindrops Infotech’s Flutter app development services are all here to offer you an apparent view of its performance. When people (actually developers) suggest having Flutter mobile app, ask them the reasons, you will surely get a long list of bullets to focus on. Each point will comprehend the usefulness of this SDK and will further propel you to go for it, undoubtedly –

Flutter is cost-saving
Flutter is faster
Flutter gives a native-like feel
Flutter can enhance the existing app

If you already own an application, Flutter app development services can again make it awesome by adding the packages and using the module templates as a library. Flutter can improve the overall performance of your application with the existing codebase and handle both native and non-native applications.

Flutter has customizable widgets

Developers may face trouble in making different apps for relevant IOS App Development and Android App Development as they need to attempt two different designs for them. Flutter provides customizable widgets to handle this problem. Flutter has the capabilities to create the same app for both operating systems. It includes Material Design elements for creating Android apps and Cupertino library specialist for building iOS part.

Flutter has a growing community

The developers and specialists have found the apparent documentation of Flutter better than many. Additionally, they also appreciate its friendly developer community. It becomes super convenient for the developers to work and explore with Flutter mobile app development. Many choose Flutter app development services and the growing community is an obvious decisive factor.

Flutter has an exceptional programming language
Flutter is exceptional as most hybrid frameworks work with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but it uses Dart. Google created Dart which works exceptionally for multiplatform app development. Dart has clean syntax whereas JavaScript is hard to learn a language that has logical intricacies. There is no need of using additional tools and programs in the Dart. It further has great capability of all designs templates.

Flutter Basics: why use Flutter for mobile app


Do you aim for promoting your business faster in the market? Flutter is all that you need. The Flutter app development services focus on a result-driven app development approach. Choosing Flutter for your mobile application exhibits how excited you are about your business. It opens the doors to numerous positive possibilities in the market. Raindrops Infotech has an incredible team of Flutter developers who know how to carve a future of a business in the market. India is ranked within the top five countries benefitting from Flutter and we do our best to contribute in the same. Flutter is easy, exciting, and productive, and what more could a business owner want!

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