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Why Do We Go For Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)?

Why Do We Go For Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)?

Recenly, I came across many of the applications advertising and was wondering how much they are earning per annum, and you will be stunned after checking below statistics,
In the technological era, innovations are taking place regularly. You must have heard about the PWAs i.e. Progressive Web Applications.
The global progressive web application market is estimated to reach value of USD 10.44 Billion by 2027 at a CAGR of 31.9%, according to a current analysis by Emergen Research. Progressive web applications have attracted attention over the last few years, owing to the relative ease of development and smooth user experience that they provide. These applications are built by using web technologies and they do not require separate distribution.
(source: Globe News Wire )
We all have applications in our mobiles along with their security issues, capabilities, and many other performances. We are used to the applications and their multiple features. But sometimes a few things make an application superb and unique from other applications.
When it comes to applications, business owners become more conscious of for caring their audience in the most prominent manner.

Is PWA best for you? Then we can fix an appointment.

Native Apps Development was a great deal in the technological world and digitization of businesses. It grew and new innovations kept taking place. PWAs include the modern web capabilities to offer a great user experience, a bit more than what native apps offer.
As the term progressive refers, these apps take the traditional apps to the next level. PWAs are a hybrid between mobile applications and regular web pages.
A progressive web application is a kind of application software built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The web technologies are combined to create a useful set that is intended to perform on several platforms using a standard-compliant browser. Progressive web app development  is growing in popularity as these are cheaper and faster. Here are the benefits of progressive web applications –
Progressive Web Apps’ Features
The supreme progressive web apps
Progressive Web App Development Company  suggests the best way of utilization. From the latest web tools to appealing content, the Progressive Web Apps are the face of the new mobile era. PWAs combine the best of development strategies. You can not be glued to one technology for long as we all need some changes in everything. These changes should take us upward and that is what PWAs do.
It is now worth moving ahead with progressive web apps as they provide better perfection to your business. Here are a few topmost examples to decipher the need and worth of PWAs –


Uber presents its PWA as an m.uber to allow the users for getting a ride without downloading and installing the traditional Uber mobile app. The core services of getting a swift ride occupy around 50kb space in your device. It can be loaded in a few seconds only as the algorithm is created in this way.


Twitter has an efficient platform, named Twitter Lite. The platform is getting advantages of PWA technology that further allows login over the traditional apps. It confers big data usage savings. It also increases the number of users with less storage space.


If you are using an Instagram account, you may know the struggles with functionality due to heavy file sizes. Now the PWA of the traditional app gives you the comfort of access. The extra functionalities will be also entertained perfectly. You can upload pictures but this version will restrict you from a few other activities.



Forbes is a global media company that has adopted PWAs approach in the way to match with the current scenario. The traditional browser of Forbes takes the user to the target page in a few seconds. Moving ahead with the same, the PWA of Forbes does the same in less than a second and increases the engagement.


Pinterest includes heavy images and contents that further create a delay in loading. PWA provides an effective UI to the application and also improves the speed and efficiency of the platform. The PWA makes it faster and provides the ability to the users where they can directly add it to their homepage.

Why to choose PWAs
One considers having PWA to retain the native feel without occupying much space and asking much effort for using. You can find numerous reasons of using or preferring to PWAs. But the gist of all is growth. The growth in upward direction that takes your experience to the next level and keep you ready of the other next step.
Google has established standards for the PWAs as when the user uses it in chrome, it automatically asks for adding to the screen. Google developers have represented three effective reasons to use PWAs and these are –

Our dedicated team will not only give you some excellent ideas but will have satisfactory results too.

Who can use PWAs
See, you can not be swamped with a traditional technology or application to approach the growth in overall terms. After looking at the reasons to choose PWAs, you must know whether you can choose it or not. The concept of PWAs is designed by considering all the constraints of the industry –
How we help
All you need is a flawless progressive web app that can bring you more business. If you belong to any of the above-mentioned platforms, you must start thinking about having a progressive web app. In this way, Infotech Raindrops can help skilled and experienced developers. You should hire PWA web developer. from the company and start discussing the requirements. We look at
With our incredible support and performance, you will be able to achieve –
We strive for the best solutions for all operating systems. Our experience in Progressive Web App Development ensures that you will be overcome with all the difficulties with the application. We work in a flow and accommodate your requirements well. Thanks to digitization, we ensure our clients speed up not only speed but also the performance in the industry.
A PWA is an all-in-one solution for companies. Of course, there is a gap between the performance and ability of native apps and PWAs. One can work offline, get notified, and enjoy the performance without worrying about anything. Raindrops Infotech is a A Progressive Web App Development Company that works away from the enormous barrier. The skilled developers integrate the PWA with native devices. The algorithm offers the prompt use of the application.

If you are very much clear about PWAs then I have an offer for you.

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