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How Much Does It Cost to Build an App Like Airbnb?

How Much Does It Cost to Build an App Like Airbnb?

Traveling throughout the borders is usually the exhilaration of many humans around the arena. While every nook of the hall has a unique attraction to provide you, therefore, humans love to travel to different locations with a particular perspective. But as quickly as humans begin making plans and rolling out with their bookings, locating the excellent vicinity to live around the arena appears to be one of the most complex duties for the travelers. However, with the release of surprisingly feature-wealthy journey apps like “Airbnb,” journeying has emerged as a long way more tremendously comfortable and economical. Now, visitors don’t want to discover dozens of packages in Google Play Store and Apple App Store for hotel booking, homestay, assets apartment, or locating inexpensive houses for their vacations, as Airbnb serves as most of these offerings at one vicinity.

According to a Statistical study, on Airbnb, in 2020, they had 43.3 million users globally, and by 2022 it is expected to reach 45.6 million users. In this era of rapidly evolving technology, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and top brands would be wise to invest in establishing one of the fastest-growing and billion-dollar-valued property rental booking apps, such as Airbnb. However, one of the most commonly requested questions by start-ups and prominent organizations is, “How much does it cost to establish an app like Airbnb?”

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This blog has covered the following topics:

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1. What exactly is Airbnb? Understanding the Travel App’s Fundamentals

Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky are the founders of Airbnb in the year 2007 as an Air Bed and Breakfast website, charging guests $80 per night to sleep on air mattresses. However, in 2011, Airbnb had more than one million night bookings, 2500+ lights, and 10,000 Airbnb users. Yet today, Airbnb has become a leading global platform that brings together all owners and travelers to enhance the traveler experience. It is one of the rapidly growing online marketplaces for travelers and homeowners, allowing travelers to rent properties according to their preferences, budget, location, and time duration. Meanwhile, the same platform allows property owners to list apartments, houses, or rooms on this platform via their smartphone. This service is gaining worldwide popularity because you can easily search for and book things in any location you want.
Let’s find out market statistics and facts to help you understand if developing an app like Airbnb is worth it or not.
2. Airbnb Statistics and Facts One Should Know:
Technology has played a vital role in the tourism industry. It is necessary to thank the convenient mobile apps that have transformed the industry revolutionarily. Now, with the changing situation, most tour operators have created their travel websites. It facilitates potential customers to receive attractive discounts and other benefits. The study predicts that around 85% use travel apps or websites during a vacation. So if you are a touring company, you should develop and deploy your app to stay in business. We create different travel based website services to simplify the working of such platforms as travel booking, travel tips, booking cost comparison and many more.
The travel industry is the new boom, and this trend is expected to continue. Developing an app like Airbnb has, without a doubt, become an impressive business idea in recent years. But, if you’re wondering how you can calculate the cost of developing an app like Airbnb, don’t worry; we’ll explain what factors go into its pricing and how it works.
3. How is its working principle?
Here are the six steps you should consider for your guests:

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To create an Airbnb-style app, you’ll need a few basic and intermediate skills. Enrolment, generating profile, filters, room variants, room outlining such as images, specification, site map, ratings, rankings, terms, exchange rates, house rules, cancellation guidelines, reasonable level booking period, conveniences are just a few of the significant features that you should integrate. Referrals and invites, bookmarking, push notifications, booking history, and a skilled app developer.
These are the key features to consider if you want to create an app similar to Airbnb. However, the list doesn’t end here; you can add various other features to increase the app’s functionality based on your budget.
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It isn’t easy to round off the final cost of developing an app like Airbnb. Nonetheless, with a thorough analysis and discussion, all of the features can help you determine the overall cost of the application. Features, project complexity, technology stack, hourly developer rate, and other factors contribute to the final development cost. As per the research study, the average cost of building an application like Airbnb ranges from $40,000 to $ 55,000+, but this can vary greatly depending on your company’s needs.
Apart from that, here is a list of engineers you’ll need for app development, along with approximate hours required to customize the app:
Final app costs determination can be done by multiplying the developer’s: “Total Number of Hours * Per Hour Development Cost” by the number of hours worked.
6. Final Thoughts
As the travel industry is expected to grow in the coming years, investing in a travel booking app like Airbnb is a wise decision for start-ups. Hopefully, you’ve determined the essential features and components, as well as the development cost, with the assistance of this article.
However, to decide the precise value of the app, it’s highly recommended to lease a software program improvement agency, as they compare your requirement and integrate the excellent suitable generation and then assist you to apprehend the exact price of the app development.

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