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Tiramizoo – The Best On Demand Delivery Platform for Retailers

On-demand Delivery for Retail

Most retail stores struggle not in attracting customers but in making timely and secure deliveries. They don’t have the resources of the e-Commerce giants, the courier services are not only unreliable but also very costly, and the customer herself is unable to make the shipping arrangements for many of the products she has purchased.
On-demand delivery services by pioneers like Tiramizoo provide an integrated, and end-to-end delivery solution for retailers. They present a win-win solution for both the retailers and their customers.
The on-demand delivery business of Tiramizoo works on the same basic principle as a food delivery app’s business. They are not the sellers of the goods, but only provide city-wide or metropolitan last mile delivery solutions.
The service providers can provide express delivery of any article of any description, size, shape or weight within the city limits. With their services, you don’t have to worry anymore about booking and tracking the delivery services from expensive and unreliable providers.
Moreover, its scalable software, with sophisticated and optimized solutions, ensure prompt delivery of a wide variety of goods. It is easy to integrate, optimizes delivery routes, and can scale operations up to national and international deliveries too.
Tiramizoo is already operating in over 80 metropolitan areas in Germany and Austria providing seamless, instant, and on-time deliveries directly from the warehouse or retail outlet to the local recipient.
As of now, backed with the support of updated technology, and rapid implementation, Tiramizoo is now powering the logistics and deliveries for the, an online fashion brand and other multichannel retailers such as Conrad and Cyberport.

Process of Delivery

The Tiramizoo integrates the entire distribution chain for tracking and with minimal-human interventions. This starts right with integrating their service API with the billing software of the retailers like you and covers their fleet, and an online tracking portal for you and the customer both.
They undertake the following steps to and provide some essential services for ensuring on-time delivery every time:

Route optimization

The integrated route optimization engine on each delivery service vehicle processes current and delivery times, locations, capacity and traffic to come-up with the most efficient routes. If there is a need to make changes or take a detour, then the system can send updates to drivers in real-time.

Search and Filter

The retailer or warehouse portal allows search and filter based on time, team and status to find drivers and their locations, and customers.


Once the Tiramizoo API is integrated with your billing software, it can generate a dispatch order automatically for the warehouse. This takes away the cashier from the equation and reduces service time and labor costs. The store manager and driver can start working on the delivery immediately.


The system tracks the GPS on the delivery fleet’s vehicles and warns the driver and their supervisor if they have deviated from the route. The alerts also go to the app on the smartphone with a registered number.

Instant deliveries

There are many orders where instant delivery is needed by customers. With courier services charging premium rates for such short-notice deliveries. Tiramizoo’s service partners provide instant delivery services at standard rates.

On-time and on-demand service hours

Many customers prefer delivery at a specified time, when they are at home or the office. Deliveries can be scheduled using the Tiramizoo system for the same day or next day(s).

Complete end-to-end tracking

The customer and the retailer, both can track the delivery and various steps before and during it. For example, before delivering a set of furniture, its various components and pieces are assembled by expert carpenters.

How does it help Retailers?

Tiramizoo’s on-demand delivery services are of immense benefit to the retailers, warehouse, fulfillment centers, local online stores and their customers. Some of the most significant benefits are listed here:

Completely paperless

Integration with Tiramizoo systems does away the need for paper receipts and multiple physical documents. Customers are issued electronic receipts, their acceptance is taken electronically, and delivery messages sent by SMS or email.

Real-time status tracking

You always know the current status of your delivery – the route, estimated time of arrival, and name and identity of the driver.

Reduced expenditure

As distribution and delivery planning is automatically managed via the Tiramizoo software, the expenditure on overheads and personnel can be reduced for courier partners and retailers.

Seamless data transfer

Delivery partners, drivers, warehouse managers and retailers need not worry any more about forgotten or lost forms. All accepted deliveries, signature of acceptance, and other documents are stored and retrieved any time.

Fast Service

Retailers and online stores can rest assured that each order has been forwarded to the warehouse for further processing and delivery. Processed orders are automatically dispatched with all the attendant delivery instructions regarding product assembly, packaging and time.

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Economical Services

Maintaining a fleet of delivery vehicles is very costly and so are the services of the local courier. Courier services cannot be relied on for on-time delivery too. Tiramizoo’s delivery solutions combine the gig drivers and stores to fulfill dynamic demand.


The convenience this system provides at each stage of the delivery includes smart search, scheduled delivery, auto-dispatch of orders, and real-time tracking. The last mile delivery solves the biggest bottleneck in the distribution chain.


Tiramizoo’s complete process is transparent for both the retailers and the customers (except, of course, for the trade details) contributing to deepening of trust. Feedback and review allow the retailers, warehouse, and drivers find the service gaps and remove them.

Omnichannel fulfillment

Tiramizoo’s API easily integrates with your existing omnichannel fulfillment systems for seamless shipping solutions. Your store, warehouse, or online retail store all benefit from it.

Scale your business

Many retailers and online stores are limited not by their capacity to sell but by their capacity to deliver and distribute. With Tiramizoo, you can focus entirely on your business and leave the delivery woes to them.

Any Size, any Quantity

Large shipping companies offer economical rates only when you commit to deliver large volumes of products, regularly. For large and small retailers and local online stores, it is difficult to meet these minimum commitments. With Tiramizoo, there is no commitment for minimum quantity and you only pay for the shipping services you need.

Scalable on short notice

The delivery network can scale up dynamically on short notice or in anticipation of the seasonal demand to assure you of timely deliveries each time.

More industry know-how

Tiramizoo’s standardized delivery processes and multichannel strategies are suitable for many industries, providing services for many categories of products.

More Security

Tiramizoo’s service partners ensure greater last mile insurance coverage, secured handover to the correct recipient, credit card and identity checks.

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    How to integrate Tiramizoo API with your Systems

    Tiramizoo is a SaaS or Software-as-a-Service solution that can be easily integrated with your systems. It provides API through its web services and provides scalable cloud-based solutions.
    The APIs can be integrated to your billing and inventory systems for providing end-to-end communication and data transfer in real time.
    However, as simple it may sound, it is a task cut for professionals, who are experts not only in Tiramizoo web services but also have exposure to a variety of billing and inventory software.
    The integration requires following security protocols and procedures, customization of receipts and forms, preparation of reports, restructuring the database, creating a system for electronic signatures, freight calculator, and mechanism for auto-dispatch of orders.

    How Raindrops Infotech can help you?

    The integration process may also require re-engineering of some of your processes to smoothen data and information flow. During the integration planning the expert developers team of Raindrops Infotech will ensure optimal resource utilization, order placement, warehousing & inventory management, and fleet & driver management.

    No matter what your business aims, turnover and product range are; no matter the geography, the time of delivery or even an instant delivery; Tiramizoo can help you provide efficient, reliable and robust delivery solutions.
    Raindrops Infotech is a leading back-end solutions provider for Tiramizoo with years of experience working with them. The professional team of back-end and logistics domain experts gives priority to your convenience and security of your data.

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