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Why we need progressive web application (PWA)

Why we need progressive web application (PWA)

Progressive web application is a kind of application software conveyed through the web, built by using different technologies of web which contain CSS, JavaScript and HTML. The PWA is a type of website that works like a web app. It can run on any browser so there is no need to download an app from the play store or Apple store. PWA are used to resolve slow network and lack of connectivity issues. Using of Progressive web application on your mobile devices could execute fast results and provides extra features, departing the gaps with built-in apps, in addition to being convenient across mobile platforms and desktop. It do not need a separate sharing or bundling. Alex Russell and Frances Berriman are the inventors of this term.
According to Alex’s words:

“Progressive web applications are just websites that took all the right vitamins”

Obviously, you have seen the option of “Add to home screen” comes up during browsing a website from mobile and when you click on that type of banner, the “app” install automatically and sits on your home screen. In that way you can enjoy the same experience like a native app without facing the trouble of downloading app from play store.

What Challenges We Are Facing Today....?

Slow loading of Website :  Most of the users can’t wait for the loading of website. They abandon the website if it is fail to load urgently. Speed of Internet : Most of the population in the world are using 2G internet. Low Device memory: Most of the users are not interested in installing apps because of low memory in device. Some native apps occupied lot of memory to install.

How PWA Helps to Solve These....?





User Integration experience



Some Beneficial Cases Are:

It observed unbelievable outcomes after moving to a progressive Web App:
It is the largest e-comme website of India. It upgraded their mobile version to Progressive web application which is known as Flipkart Lite. It facilitates the exceptional experience for users.

Progressive web applications development are used to combine the best features of mobile applications and the mobile web such as speed and offline usage, without downloading anything. PWA are designed to accelerate tech abilities and bring balance to the business management. These applications will definitely push themobile web forward and help the developers to attract more users beyond the confines of the app stores.

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