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TripAdvisor Clone App Development

TripAdvisor Clone App Development

Travelers often seek help to explore new places, book tickets, and know the key points of specific locations. Building an app like Tripadvisor can be proved helpful to people. It will give new simplicities to their plans. You can cater to their requirements without worrying much about the performance. Raindrops Infotech is here to build a fully functional app like Tripadvisor to elucidate the actions.

What do travelers and agents see in an App like Tripadvisor?

We aim to build a customer-friendly app like Tripadvisor. It must look simple and elegant to the travelers and agents to smoothen the journey plannings. Either Tripadvisor or MakeMyTrip, both applications are meant to serve the travel enthusiasts for their several needs.

Make your travel business awesome

This is a need of the time that travel businesses must perform on virtual platforms. You can rely on our app development services to get an app like Tripadvisor and begin with such efficacy in the same. We include all the industry-standard custom products to make your app spectacular.

One-stop solution for travelers

A feature-rich application like Tripadvisor is a one-stop destination for all travelers. You can serve a variety of travel services. Travelers can get smooth services with proper plannings of itineraries. This will further help them to explore and understand.

An app like Tripadvisor Development Stages


This is the first stage of overall development. Here, our travel app developers conceptualize the overall idea of development. These can be referred to as Proof-of-Concept and MVP prototypes. In this stage, profit potential, target audience, and market size are considered.


We own business analysts who cater to the best ideas for overall development. Their endeavors lead to the clone script idea. In this, we further arrange the wireframes to get a better visualization of the application.


The application’s design should be appealing and comprehensive. We keep the audience engaged with compelling app design.


Our agile development methodologies embrace the development process. Our development process is intuitive. We ensure that the app includes all the functionalities and designs. It must provide a swift flow to the app's performance.

Quality Assurance

Many tests must be performed before launching the final product. Regression tests, unit tests, and much more are required to arrange the best development solution. We take this stage seriously to ensure a flawless product as result.

Launch the app

After going through all the stages, here comes the final stage. We also help you to launch the product. Your app like Tripadvisor will be available at various app stores after all the things are done.

Top features of your App like Tripadvisor

Onboarding availability

The customers can start operating the application with a quick onboarding technique. The registration process is simple and comprehensive to attract new users.


One can easily book the travel seats as per their individual preference and requirements.

Review system

This system enables the application to collect reviews from the users. One can leave comments on specific services after enjoying them.

Other services

Multiple services are available that can be operated using the dashboard of the user. This will further help them in taking the final decision.

Push notifications

Application users can receive real-time notifications. The push notifications feature will keep your users updated and informed.


Users can also enjoy the various discounts on their orders. Here, the users can apply or use codes to get discounts on various deals.

Filter and sorting

From the dates of availability to price ranges, there is much more to define the searches. Filters are available to find them in detail.


The application also includes representatives where the user can interact with app chat and calls to solve their queries.

Agent Panel

There will be a separate agent panel to sign up and explore. The agent will find a uniquely functional dashboard in the travel application.

Agent information

Agent panel includes various details like agency logo, contact information, and much more. This further enables the agents to showcase their presence, publically.

Commission reports

Agents can also review their earnings by looking into the commission reports. The report will comprehend what they are getting with the deals.

Control tariffs

Agents can play with their charges by adding discounts and other offers, especially in the festive seasons and special occasions.

Ticket details

Agents can enter the ticket numbers to retrieve more relevant details. They can the details and queries with better elucidation.

Vendor certificate and ID

A validation certificate will be issued to the registered agents along with their unique ID numbers. This will help the clients to find the authenticated IDs of vendors.

Media content management

Images and videos like media content will be managed well by the users.


An app like Tripadvisor provides the cancellation feature with just a few clicks. One can also get refunds with defined terms and cancellations.

Map Integration

By integrating Google Maps, we enable the users to view the distance between the two locations. Their boarding points can be measured with the help of maps.


We infuse in-app chat in the app like Tripadvisor to make the communication smooth and swift.

Splash screen

The application will attract the users’ attention with an appealing splash screen.


Users can check their previous bookings and trips by clicking on a defined link.

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Admin Panel Features

Profile Management

The panel allows you to check the users, agents, and advertisers. Here, you can keep an eye on their activities. You can also accept or reject their permission requests. The application will provide swift operations.


The app includes a comprehensive dashboard for the admin, which is fully functional and easy to use. Admin can check every detail minutely.


One can view the prices in various currencies to get a better idea about the price. This is proved helpful to global customers.


The admin panel will include all the reports and analytics that can be proved helpful in further endeavors.

Push notifications

The push notification feature allows the admin to send proper notifications to their people. You can share app-related information with clients.


An app like Tripadvisor offers an ad space to be operated on the basis of individual requirements.

Why choose us to develop an app like Tripadvisor

Customized solutions

Our app developers are well-versed in providing customized solutions to clients. If you are looking to build an app like Tripadvisor, you may want to add some additionals functionalities to your application. We understand your preferences first to proceed with the development.

Intellectual development

Our ingenious but intelligent development approach help to build the intuitive end product. We analyze the needs and align them well on the basis of technological requirements.

Result-oriented approach

We adopt a result-oriented approach for development. We aim to develop the best app like Tripadvisor where we include all the recent updates and requirements.

Industry specialization

Our developers are industry specialists. We include the knowledge of different niches. Our knowledge about the travel industry leads us to develop a quality app.


Cost-effective performance

Our development process is pocket-friendly. Our cost-effective development approach lets you opt for an app like Tripadvisor without worrying much about the cost.


Easy launch

After development, you can easily launch the application for multiple devices and OS. The services will maintain the quality perfectly.

Development of an App like Tripadvisor


You can choose the platform of your application; either it is Android or iOS.


We ensure all the required functions in the application, including ticket booking, generation, and even cancellation. One can check all the details on the application.


Every app (or travel app) has some unique features. A major part of functions and design depends upon the theme of that application. This further enables the common basic features etc.


Since the app will further include some cash transactions. We ensure secure payment modes.



We include all the useful features in the application to ensure the worth of your app like Tripadvisor.



Many constraints determine the best app launch, including platform and time, etc.

Custom Specific Variations of Zomato like App

We create industry-specific services. As far as food concerns, we keep the industry in mind while developing Zomato Clone App. We listen to your ideas and then pour our efforts to turn them into virtual as well as aromatic reality. We understand the specific business needs and the related people to deliver the best solution.


Grocery App Developement


Grocery App Developement


Grocery App Developement


Grocery App Developement


Grocery App Developement


Grocery App Developement


Grocery App Developement


Grocery App Developement

Payment Gateway Offered

We ensure not only swift performance of ordering the food online but also the secure ambiance of payment. Multiple payment options are available to ensure a safe cashless transaction.

Google Pay


Phone Pay



Pay u




Senang Pay

Pay Fort


Pay Box



Flutter Wave

Extra features for Deliveroo Clone App

Raindrops Infotech has expertise in creating applications. Deliveroo Clone app development is an endeavor to define the food delivery statements online. We create a splendid solution to create a bridge between the restaurants and clients. Users can get their desired food at their doorstep and restaurants can avoid the physical bustles. The delivery person completes the overall process. We integrate the different panels to highlight the several performances. Here are the extra features to be added to the list –


AI-based chatbots provide great fluency to the application where people can interact with the system, without hesitating their preferences. You can also add voice commands via bots.

SaaS-based applications

SaaS-based applications can be accessed by different devices, browsers, and locations. The mere requirement of their applications is the internet for 24X7 accessibility.


You can add different currencies to your advertised dish, to help users know the price well. They can select their desired currency and know how much a particular dish costs.


If a user can access the application in his or her language, it automatically increases their interest.


Loyalty programs

This will add more appeal to your application by keeping your audience engaged. You can make your customer feel more special and boost your overall sales.


Facial and Fingerprint ID

You can keep your application locked and secured for different uses.