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5 Tips for Laravel Performance Optimization

5 Tips for Laravel Performance Optimization

Laravel was released in 2011, and in 2020 it comes up on the top framework now and it becomes the perfect framework of PHP for your business. The features of Laravel technology make simpler to build professional sites using authentic and well-structured code. Other than these features Laravel Development Company can also provide you the most fascinating character by optimizing the performance of your business. If you want to get advantage of this specialized technology then hire Laravel developers in USA for grooming of your business applications.

Cache Config

Artisan Cache configuration is the interested command of Laravel that facilitates as boosting in performance of laravel. It is very helpful for Laravel Developers in generating configuration and routes, and he can easily create a cache like a plain array which make faster performance of Laravel by directly loading of cache instead of real object.

 But do not run this command after changing routes file or configuration because Laravel unable to handle changes.

Minimum Use of Plugins

Laravel has the vast variety of plugins that give the opportunity to developers to add more functionality. By this enhanced feature comes more files and libraries to load that can slow you down. Make confirm that, which provider are giving you config.php file and remove the unnecessary files. Furthermore, Laravel manage its components by using composer, so removing the composer.json folder will decrease the loading dependencies.

Delete Nonuse Services

The interesting and friendly feature of Laravel is that the developer can easily delete or disable any unused character from the cache. So it is better to load only typical services and delete theservices that you don’t want in the configuration by the adding the note to service provider. After that, necessarily make sure that you don’t halt the whole functionality of the app.

Prefer to Use of Eager Loading Approach

Laravel utilize Eloquent ORM to simply map your models of object to the supporting tables of data base. By some simple file you can map out the structure of your object and Eloquent have the ability to handle all interaction with database that required for CRUD operations. After accomplishment of this task, Eloquent known to be lazy loading approach. Instead of that, a Laravel developer should use the eager loading approach for setting up the queries that will save any related object model as part of your original query.

Precompile Assets

For the process of development, getting all of the assets in distinct file i.e. config and routes files are supportive for the maintenance of code. Laravel has limited commands of artisan that you can track before organizing the website.

These Commands can become useful for the quicker reference by assimilating the recurrent classes into particular file. It also facilitate you with faster loading.

Profiling Your Queries

Install the profiler package that pinned in the toolbar in each concentrated view that display queries of SQL. This is the perfect way to recognize the potential blocks in the code even for the smaller sets of data in local database development. You can hire Laravel developer for you installing the package.

Image Optimization

Images are the most important part of web applications. This could be one of the major cause for slowing of app or websites. Not to save images locally otherwise it will slow your data transformation. Hire the expert laravel developers to optimize images.

JIT Compiler

Computers are unable to read PHP, so bytecode cannot be compile from PHP and have machines organizing it. That’s why Zend engine is used as a middle man to process your C routines and PHP files consequently. This is the slow and long process, so you have to switch it with JIT to for fast working of your application. JIT facilitates with one time compilation and the method will run more perfectly and in fast way. The suggested compiler of JIT for Laravel is HHVM that is widely used by Facebook, Etsy, Wikipedia and thousands of others.


Above are the top proficient tools that use by Laravel developerment companies to optimize the performance of Laravel. After reading these above points, I hope you are totally acknowledged with the procedure. If you want get help related to these, then seek help from Laravel Development Company USA, we have expert team of Laravel developers.

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