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Hotel Booking App Development: Build app like Hilton Honors and Priceline

Hotel Booking App Development: Build app like Hilton Honors and Priceline

Enter into the hospitality sector with your fully-functional Hotel Booking app

The travel industry is receiving massive growth with technological intervention. Thus, the hospitality sector is not untouched by this evolution. The hospitality industry is now looking forward to build an app book hotel for providing convenience to the visitors. The apps are handy enough with lots of tempting offers and deals to propel the users. An impressive app can effectively ease your performance in the industry and offer you lots of benefits as compared to the other applications in the hospitality sector.

The hotel booking app development approach of Raindrops Infotech is quite progressive to your mark uniquely. There are a few big players in the industry, which are offering easy online hotel bookings. You can peep into them to get an idea about the possible features from different aspects –

These are, somehow, the mammoths of the industry, which have pushed and compelled others to think beyond the traditional hotel booking structure. Raindrops Infotech stimulates startups and other business owners of the same industry to plan for a high-quality online presence. We approach hotel booking app development for a client-oriented product at the end.
Think and decide before starting the development of the app book hotel

1. Choose the right concept

If you are a traveler or hotelier, you must be aware of the industry-specific criteria. There are majorly three classifications to choose the right concept for a hotel booking app.
You can also put your ideas to either select or merge the above-mentioned classifications. Our skilled developers will develop a hybrid application that will present the information with all the effects. You will be able to add your specific requirements with the same.

2. Identify the target audience

Any business has a target audience and the hospitality sector is no exception. After determining the local and global presence of your business, you will have to choose the target audience to prepare the base. This selection plays a major role in overall hotel booking app development as the developer will design and implement the things considering the specific requirements.
Every detail should be accommodated in your application. Therefore, it is always better to target the global market instead of the local one as the industry serves the travel industry, somehow. Though it will seek considerable investments, you will open the doors to global-level profitability. Once your app will start operating globally, you will start getting feedback to grow your business.

3. Check for UVP

The term UVP stands for Unique Value Proposition that you can offer to the users with app book hotel. If you want to succeed in a certain niche, you must determine the UVP and form the things that are buzzing these days. Here are a few promising niche models that you can provide to your audience and attain their satisfaction –
Targeting audiences who love to travel and explore is quite beneficial for a business. Here, if you add cheap hotel deals, you can attract more audience for bookings. Youth barely cares much about the hotels when it comes to visit the enthralling places. All they care is about exploration and money.
Here comes another exciting feature that can bring benefits. You can offer co-living space to the visitors. The business model is unique but quite popular these days where the visitors share their living rooms and kitchen etc.
Your app may have last-minute booking deals, where people can plan and book immediately for their recent travel dates. Though the advance booking is preferable, things may take place in a few days too. The booking charges and other conditions may vary as per your preference and offers.
Though it may sound strange, it is possible when the users offer each other a free stay in each other’s place. The new and exciting feature connects the users globally where they can explore more places without paying a single penny for the accommodations there.
This niche model is perfect for business trips where a person only wants to stay one night at some place. The deal offers them this short stay at cheap and pocket-friendly rates.
The essential features of the Hotel Booking App
Before beginning with the hotel booking app development, you will need to figure out the functions and features. Your well-equipped application must have a few peculiarities and here, we will disclose the prominent (or basic) ones –
Since a positive user experience is one big thing to achieve in any business, your hotel booking app must have an easy registration process. We ensure the best and fast registration process for your audience with easy terms and conditions.
Once the user is registered on your app book hotel, a user profile occurs that includes all the personal details of the user that he or she has filled out while registration. We ensure no data breach from this page and the profile will be used for all the booking processes to save efforts from filling the details every time.
The Admin panel is the key to your overall application and it is responsible for the seamless functioning of the app. An effective admin panel includes all the features to ensure the app’s smooth run.
Searching makes things easier and more convenient for the users. Placing a search box can be proved helpful for your audience where they can search for their recommended hotel on the basis of rates, locations, number of guests, etc.
A booking calendar is an essential feature to be included in your hotel booking app development. It enables the user to choose the date and confirm the reservation for that specific period. it refrains the user from any confusion in the booking process.
Whenever a user makes a booking, the payment process takes place. In this way, we ensure a safe payment with third-party integration. Though it may take time to integrate API for each payment process, we promise a reliable performance for sure.
Notifications keep your audience connected, informed, and engaged. You can keep notifying them about your upcoming events, deals, and offers. This is a great way to propel your audience for booking, especially enthusiastic travelers.
When a client seeks direct communication and help, chat establishes the connection with the admin, manager, or assigned executive. The faster support propels the quicker bookings.
The app may include some intellectual properties where it recommends a few hotels and details to the users. Since an app book hotel asks for personal info and choices etc., it processes the same to form a few recommendations for the users to ease their further searches.
App developers integrate maps in the hotel booking app development to customize the details according to the user’s location. It prevents the users from getting lost virtually while searching for the hotels in a particular location.
The APIs to integrate

Your app book hotel needs to be integrated with a few APIs to raise the travelers’ experience. When someone uses your application, you can ensure a better user experience with a plethora of APIs. These APIs support several things, from data to payments –

The steps to build a perfect hotel booking app

1. Conceptualization: You will meet our experts to conceptualize your idea ad requirements. An apparent discussion will happen to take the process ahead.

2. Prototyping: Our developers will create a prototype of your application to balance your requirements and satisfaction.

3. Design and development: After getting your reviews on the prototype, we will begin with the final hotel booking app development and design.

4. Testing: Our testing team will have a quality check of your app to refine the application through several technologies.

5. Launch: After ensuring a bug-free application, our professionals will upload your app onto the app store. The users can download and install the app from here.

Hotel Booking App Development: Build app like Hilton Honors and Priceline

Final words

Hotel booking app development is a creative and interesting task. Raindrops Infotech presents the most affordable solution to help you in managing the travelers and their hotel booking requirements. We can help you to stand out from the crowd. Your app book hotel will have the business vision that will keep accelerating your performance.

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