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How Much Does It Cost to Develop an On-Demand Delivery App

The Cost of On-Demand Delivery Apps is Much Less Than You Think!

The impact of Uber on on-demand delivery model has been so much and become so famous that such apps are now called “Uber for X”, where X can stand for anything you can imagine it to be from groceries to maintenance, from healthcare to pharmacies. Simply duplicating the idea in another field is not enough to make customers not accept it and use it.

The home and any-location delivery model of mobile apps, pioneered and popularized world over by Uber, has been catching up with many small and medium businesses. Different businesses, especially in services sector ranging from salon and beauty services, food delivery, maintenance services, package delivery services, and many more are being added to the list almost daily. With the demand for development of such apps booming, the demand for reliable and experienced on-demand app development companies, like Raindrops InfoTech, is also skyrocketing.

On-Demand Service Apps – What are they?

As an established player in the on-demand delivery app development market, Raindrops InfoTech is well suited to serve your needs. Such apps help small and medium businesses compete with behemoths expanding their market footprint and revenues.

But before ordering your own app, you should understand what it is, what it takes to develop them, what are the costs involved and what are the realistic expectations from them? This way you would be able to find and establish the missing link between users’ needs and promises you are going to make using your on-demand delivery mobile app. The on-demand service and delivery apps provide the missing link to provide people who can spend a little more to deliver such services and products at their doorsteps, even from a different city or country.

The Market Potential

The Uber model has led to a surge in the on-demand delivery services businesses using mobile apps in the startups sphere. It is estimated that the on-demand app economy grew by more than 55% in 2017, more than 70% in 2018 and again more than 90% in 2019 according to industry watchers.

There are obviously certain pulls for this kind of services. Some of them are:

Want to know more about it? Please Contact Us

Want to know more about it? Please Contact Us

The App and Its Costs

A proper on-demand services delivery app, as we develop for our clients, need to have following features, based on the above discussion, to make it useful for its users – customers, vendors, and delivery partners.

The Costs

The costs for development, deployment and maintenance of such an on-demand delivery app or grocery app development depends on what goes into developing it – the number of hours, complexity of UI/UX, Analytics and BI integration, Number of active users expected and so on.

Every app has a robust backend needed to manage the contents on the app and the obvious and apparent the frontend part. The app publisher, or you, would need a control-panel or a dashboard to edit the settings and control every aspect of the app – users, offers, product & services listings, partners, vendors, payments and transactions, etc. Such an app will also require integrations with many third-party services like Google Maps, Payment Gateways, etc.

Want to know more about it? Please Contact Us

Some apps will have multiple frontends as well, like an Uber for passengers, Uber for drivers, and Uber for fleet owners. So, there will be added costs for development and maintenance of those too.


We, at Raindrops InfoTech or anyone worth their salt, cannot provide an exact figure without hearing all your requirements and studying them thoroughly, we can always give a fair range amount that such an app can cost you. This range is depending on certain fair assumptions, based on our experience, regarding the features that such an app would need. You can always get in touch with our market representatives for getting an initial estimate.
Our white label app solutions are a ready-to-go, developed, fully feature rich and tested app package that can be customized for your requirements. These apps packages have modules that are divided into core, featured and optional and all optional modules are independent of each other. Some of the featured modules are dependent on other featured modules, which we can explain to you, and come in bundles.

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