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How to Develop Web Portal – Web Portal Development Services | Raindrop Infotech

How to Develop Web Portal – Web Portal Development Services | Raindrop Infotech

When everything is going digital, your business is not an exception. If you want to keep your target audience informed and engaged, having a website is a must. But many times you need to place all the essential information about your product (or service) that users can access at their convenience. Web Portal Development provides ease and increases your audience outreach in better ways.
What is a Web Portal?

A web portal is an online, secure, and single access point platform where the audience can log in. In simple words, a web portal is initially a website that provides single-point access and shares all the information with its members. You can take an example from any Auction Portal Development, where an auction portal serves as a library of personalized content.

Unlike to website where everyone can access the generic information, a web portal allows only portal members to access the information. A website is aimed to drive more and more audiences through search engines and rankings. On the flip side, the web portal offers personalized content to the portal member as a library. It further gives quick access to the company’s database. The purpose of a website and web portal is different, where a website includes web pages to provide a web-based solution, the web portals focus on dedicated information. From the contents to accessibility, every bullet points out the differentiation between the two.

Similar to websites, a web portal can be used through desktop, mobile, and tablet-like devices. Every user is provided with a personal login ID and password to access the portal and information. A web portal retrieves the information from different places to place it in a central location. The user can access it from there after logging into their profiles. Web Portal Development is aimed to categorize the data, services, links, etc. to be presented in a comprehensive manner.

A web portal includes an array of information to be presented in a certain manner. Even if users are not tech-savvy, the portals can be accessed and handled easily.

Types of Web Portals
From education to Auction Portal Development Company, every company has some expertise in a specific realm. It varies on the types of web portals you are looking for. Different web portals function differently on the basis of their area of requirements. Several types of web portals are available to create virtual reality –
  • Some examples of web portals are here –

    1. E-learning portals
    2. Ecommerce portals
    3. Sharepoint portal
    4. Business partner portal
    5. Membership group portals
    6. Patient portal
    7. Self-service portals
Know Web portal development from the beginning

The benefits of several web portals are unveiled now. A business can achieve much more by creating a web portal for its audience. Considering Web Portal Development is indeed a good idea apart from having a website. It can be a perplexing process for you if you are not aware of the step-by-step guide for this development. Take the idea and begin with a few steps –

1. Plan and strategize

This is the first and most important stage of the overall development that any Auction Portal Development Company uses. After deciding that you are building a web portal, you must start planning with a few key points including your target audience, the purpose of the portal, and the benefits of portals offer. In this way, you can perform proper market research and align your company goals well.

Additionally, you should also take a sneak peek into the competitors’ profiles for a better grip on the market. This will not only help you in enhancing the feature but also in increasing the efforts to impress the audience more than they do. Once you get to the point where your competitors lack, you will be able to fill all the loopholes in your Web Portal Development.

2. Design
A creative layout of the portals generates an appeal and the audience feels compelled to visit and stay on the web portal. The architecture of your web portal should be impressive enough to attract visitors. When we talk about impressive design, it is not only about colors and images but also about the architecture your web portal possesses. The design should be comprehensive as well as apparent. You can incorporate the colors and styles of your choice. The header and footer should contain all the valuable details. You can also place a search bar for efficient navigation. Additionally, the ‘signup’ tab should be swift in performance.
3. Content creation
After designing the web portal, the content creation phase begins, where the developer needs to inspect the market first. The quality of content ensures where your web portal is going to stand. The content should be engaging, informative, and well-researched. It must attract users with useful information. Various points matter when it comes to content creation, from keywords to search engine optimizations. Keywords should be placed strategically to convey the required message. A well-structured content exhibits the motive of your business in front of users.
4. Development and coding phase
It is, somehow, the backend of the web portal. Here the developers focus on developing a platform that users can use. They also work upon the features and functions of web portal, utilizing several tools and techniques like –
  • Mobile platforms like Android, iOS, Flutter, etc
  • Cloud platforms like Rackspace, AWS, etc.
  • Backend like .NET, Node.js, etc
  • Frontend like HTML, Angular, etc.
  • CMS like Magento. WordPress, etc.
  • Database like MySQL, Oracle, AWS, etc.
Coding is a foundation and integral part of overall Web Portal Development. It is also referred to as a small brick to create a villa ultimately. Several small pieces of code together create a larger function and enable that to respond. 
5. Integrations
Any Auction Portal Development Company, that develops the different web portals, knows how important integrations are. Third-party integrations are important for the successful performance of a business. This stage of development connects the users to indulge their requirements with the web portal.
6. Testing phase

Before launching the web portal and making it live for the customers, the testing phase takes place. It ensures whether everything in your portal is placed properly or not. Raindrops Infotech is a Web Portal Development company where you can get the glitch-free and bug-free web portal as we include thorough testing procedures before delivering anything to the clients.

The UI/UX design should work properly and the navigation should be flawless. The compatibility check is mandatory for a web portal. Additionally, the coding should meet the standards to ensure the speed and performance of the portal.

7. Performance monitor

Using an excellent web portal is indeed a good experience for the users. Therefore, it is important to monitor the performance of the web portal in real-time. You must choose an Auction Portal Development Company that provides great post-delivery and maintenance services for the reputation of your business.

In today’s technical era, it is mandatory to maintain an online interaction with the target audience. A Web Portal Development company analyzes the requirements of the time and defines them in better terms. Raindrops Infotech is a group of enthusiasts who are aimed to deliver the most productive web portals to business owners from various industries. Build your web portal as per your preference and we will elicit each step apparently. 

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