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Remote work in the IT industry: Stats, Benefits and Best Practices

Remote work in the IT industry: Stats, Benefits and Best Practices

After the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the trend of remotely working has been rising, and due to the government policies of promoting social distancing; most of the companies are working remotely from home. The pandemic has forced several IT companies to follow the remote working culture and for the sustainment of IT businesses, Hire dedicated remote developers are being hired.

This pandemic has made one thing clear that remote working culture and remotely hire web developers can be possible in the IT industry. This can be stayed for a long period if might not last forever but for the long term. The spring of 2020 has proved to be dramatically and abruptly changing as most of the global workforce is nowadays sheltering at their places and avoiding the spread of COVID-19.

According to the recent statics and facts, earlier only 30 percent of hire dedicated remote developers are opting for remote working but with time most of the population 100% approx are indulged in remote working culture recently. Even if the restrictions will be lifted also and physical working from the office will again start then also it has predicted with a recent survey that 25-30% population would continue with work from office only.

Benefits of remote work in the IT industry
The benefits of remote working are not just an assumption but it has proved to be advantageous and more productive with the help of recent surveys, trends, and data. These data and facts have clearly shown that how outsourcing app development can be a factor for stating it beneficial. Some of its key benefits are:
Major tech leaders adopting the remote working culture
There has been a great rise in remote working culture. Even before there was a pandemic many of the areas were working remotely and were in the support of remote culture. Below are some of the tech leaders who are adopting working remotely by keeping in mind health as a major concern.
1.Facebook: It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and was launched in 2004. The tech leader Facebook has announced that more than half of Facebook operations would be operated remotely for a time of 5-10 years. He also states that in the future Facebook is planning to start a remote process for hire web developers.
2.Shopify: Shopify is one of the popular eCommerce providers which has provided its employers with the facility of work from home till March 2021
3.Hubspot: The director of Hubspot is Acquisition Matthew Howells-Barby. In an interview, he stated that his team has already been into remote environments and their company is getting more profits and they are working well in remote working conditions.
4.Coinbase: It is one of the secure platforms which has made easy for their customers to buy and sell different type of products. It is a USA-based company which has decided that in May they are planning for their first remote policy for their current working employees and newly hired employees also.
5.Twitter: It is American social networking providing service which has announced recently that a majority of their employees will be working remotely forever.

Best practices of remote work in IT companies

Here below are some of the best practices which are considered to be the top best practices for remote Working in various software companies.
1. Developers should be assigned a home-office budget: For the establishment of a remote working environment, it’s the sole responsibility of companies to provide their customers with proper step tools.
2. Progression monitoring should be adopted: while remote working culture, it comes with a large number of remote challenges for hire remote developers In remote working one should properly structure out the plan for the entire working week using a proper task management and tracking system so that every computer it can be accessed any time.
3.Expansion of talent pools: Remote working helps to access more pool of candidates. This can a more attraction point as more number of job applicants who require job and also, they can manage their family matters by taking some breaks.
4.Proper documentation and socialization: These two factors very essential for effective communication.  


Before the pandemic situation also remote working has come into practice in the IT industry. However, COVID-19 has been a major reason for promoting remote working culture not only in the IT sector but also in all other sectors. Remote working has proved to a cost-effective, more efficient, and modern alternative in comparison to office working. Remote working is considered to be the reason for which IT companies require outsourcing software development and mobile app development. In the future, most of the companies would be in favor of remote working culture as it has shown positive outcomes. Remotely working culture has promoted more start-ups and more number of candidates are attracted for such IT companies.
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