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Top 7 Live Streaming Mobile Apps


Are you on social media? Can I connect with you on Facebook? Do you have any Insta ID? All these questions are now obvious as we all have become much more familiar with social media. We love to scroll, click, view, share, comment, and much more. Now, live streaming has added another feature to these mobile applications where people can broadcast themselves live. Several mobile streaming apps help the users to announce, advertise, and promote the things like products and services.

Introducing any  Mobile streaming app in the market is like joining a crowded fair. Every stall has lots of products (features) and the associated audience with it. Their unaltered image already has a throng to follow and admire. Every app pertains to a specific set of features, which operate in real-time.

Raindrops Infotech develops such streaming applications for specific clients that ensure to accomplish all the goals and objectives of your firm. On the flip side, it becomes a long race for you if anything lacks in your new streaming app. Therefore, trusting a skilled team of developers to reach and interact with millions of people across the world is quite necessary.

Have you watched live streaming on these 7 apps?

Live broadcasting creates an engaging relationship that keeps increasing with more and more interactions (or sessions). Usually, influencers choose mobile streaming apps to establish a connection and embrace the communication. Before beginning with your new streaming app development, Raindrops Infotech wants you to get aware of a few that people (including you as well) often use but probably ignore their impact –

First of all, you must not confuse YouTube Live with the YouTube videos, you scroll on your smartphone. Content creators prefer live streaming as a privilege as they can create their own channels as per their subject (or genre) and post the videos accordingly. Beginners use a webcam whereas the advanced creators use encoder settings.

The best benefit of YouTube Live is that it can notify the subscribers regarding the upcoming live stream so that they can ensure their availability to attend. Creators can also add their location tags. The live streaming can be played on multiple platforms at one time. The previous streams can be accessed anytime by both creators and audiences. The channel, somehow, depends upon the YouTube Partner Program to monetize the live streams that are ultimately required by the content creators through advertisements and all.

Here comes another important social media platform for live streaming that is Facebook. Similar to YouTube Live, it also has global accessibility. Facebook is also popular as it owns the largest group of users. It appeals audience at its best and therefore helps the creators to share the things with the global client base. Facebook allows you to establish a network with your preferred users.

The content creators can connect directly from their devices. They can record, share and edit things. Creators (or influencers) manage their profiles and pages to ensure a positive as well as persuasive presence. Among all the available mobile streaming apps, you can never ignore Facebook’s popularity, though there is a downside related to the restrictions on monetization.

On comparing with TouTube and Facebook, Twitter may lag in terms of users but still, it enjoys more than 200 million daily active users. It is a great platform where people connect and share their views. The popularity of the platform can be understood as even the officials use it for their announcements. The creators will have to use Twitter’s Media Studio Producer with live streaming encoding software.

While going Live on Twitter, you can share a link to the stream to make yourself available to the audience in a much easy manner. It also includes a live chat function. Additionally, on considering various points like advertising policies, etc, you can monetize your live streaming videos on Twitter.

Almost every professional, who understands the market and trends, knows LinkedIn. It is a networking site for professionals. The LinkedIn app keeps you connected with the industry experts. Gradually, it has adopted several ideas for content creations that the influencers have churned amazingly. Since it is a professional platform, people are more serious and concerned to buy the product or service. Data renders that its users have twice buying power as any other social media user.

From the live chats and analytics to moderation tools, LinkedIn’s Live Streaming is indeed a well-flourished thing. There is one point to note that new must consider while developing the new streaming app that you must need to apply for the approval of going live.

nstagram is another popular platform that is no longer just for friends only. Now, you can do a lot more than just share the pictures. Several brands and influencers use live videos to capture the respective audience on the platform. It offers several opportunities to the live streamers and it also saves you live streams to IGTV.

Here, your followers will be notified to tune in (or attend) your upcoming live streaming. The influencers can use the live chat function and bring guests to join. The platform is also capable of hiding offensive messages during your live streaming.


Twitch is known as the largest live streaming platform for gamers. It focuses on the gaming and tech industry. Among all the mobile streaming apps, Twitch is also known as an on-demand video platform to assist users. It offers easy access to all the powerful platforms for live streaming

The basic Twitch account is a few that can be created directly through your Facebook account. Moving ahead with the same, you will need to pay a sum of the amount for the turbo account. It offers an ad-free experience to the users that propels them to use.

Zoom came into the limelight in the pandemic scenario when every official conference had one platform. Zoom Cloud Meetings have no introduction now among the professionals. The new streaming app allows virtual conferences as it fits the various corporate purposes. They can not only view your broadcast but also take part in it.

Zoom offers a high-quality screen for video meetings. All you need is to share the link using emails or phone numbers to invite the people to join. Additionally, the screen-sharing option is also available directly from your device.

How Live Streaming apps are beneficial?

Mobile streaming apps are beneficial and no debate can actually defeat the statement. From startups to big brands, every business prefers live streaming to announce any new product or deal.

Whether it is about disclosing a new deal or teaching a topic, live streaming apps allow the owner to give a platform to people across the globe. Live streaming is a sort of opportunity for business owners to interact and persuade people. But everything majorly depends upon the app developer who equips your new streaming app with the best (or useful) features to churn the benefits –


Since anyone can use mobile streaming apps, live streaming gives you a wider audience reaches. You can also invite people to join your live event through the link. Additionally, if anyone misses your live streaming to attend in real-time, your content also gets accessible for them to reach whenever they are available. Thus, they can attend the events at their convenience.

People, who are not tech-savvy, often consider mobile streaming apps difficult enough to use. But the reality is far different from their belief. It actually depends upon the app developer who builds the user-friendly new streaming app. We develop the application for every age group and industry. Therefore, it becomes mandatory for us to make it deceptively simple for everyone with a few nimble coding tricks.

Though it majorly depends upon the features of your new streaming app, live streaming comes with several inclusions of texts, pictures, and even chats. Your live broadcasting can go a step ahead from mere presentation and announcements with much richer content inclusions.

Since the interaction becomes simpler and quicker with mobile streaming apps, live streaming is of course an affordable solution for business owners. Additionally, when the advertising and all becomes online, you save the costs of physical event expenses.


Top 7 Live Streaming Mobile Apps

Final words :

All the available live streaming applications are great. If you want to have any similar functionality, you can share it with our technical experts to initiate the development process in a cost-effective manner. Physical events may have a limited number of audiences whereas mobile streaming apps are, somehow, the online events that can reach millions of people at a time.

Raindrops Infotech builds a streaming app to enhance your market reach and adorn your presentation in better ways. It is neither difficult nor technical for a person to view your live streaming if he or she has installed your application on the device. Our tech experts will leverage all the required and market-specific functionalities in your application that no one else can ever dare to compete with.

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